Based out of IIIT Bangalore, IMACX is a Startup Platform focused on creating an innovation & entreprenurial ecosystem that works on the intersection of Technology & Society (aka Digital Social Innovation).

We believe:

  • Our role is to create "Responsible Citizens of the Future" - develop the right mindset for young innovators / students to engage with the world.
  • "Technology" can positively impact our local communities & governance - reimagine ways in which social / government organizations can function effectively using technology

We focus on:

  • Nurturing Social Innovators & Aspiring Entrepreneurs and help them to be Successful
  • Creating Innovative, Socially-Relevant & Impactful Solutions & Ventures

We host startups at our studios, nurture innovations, run accelerator programs and make investments.

A Decade of Sustained Innovation

Since 2009, we collaborate with exceptional researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, users, communities to co-create knowledge and solutions like Kollabia, Kanaja, KenApps, Push-D and VideoKen - using digital technologies, for a wide range of social needs at a scale & speed that was unimaginable before the widespread adoption of mobile / Internet. Such socially-relevant solutions help us, our communities and our governments.

In 2015, we ran our first thematic accelerator for startups and have been running one every year since then. Such accelerator programs allow us to focus on startups that are building on frontier technologies like Mobile Apps, Bots, AI, Conversational Interfaces and Augmented Reality.

During the last ten years, we have also invested in early stage startups related to areas we are working on. Previous investments include: Chipmonk, EasyM2M, KickStart Cabs and NSmiles. We continue to do so through our newly launched TIRAC Fund.