While government and social sectors could benefit significantly from the adoption of emerging technologies (like IOT / Sensors, Mobile Apps, Data Analytics, Deep Learning / Artificial Intelligence, Conversational Software), these are typically under served.

  • Government technology initiatives like ePDS, PAN, EHR/EMR standards, Aadhar, UPI, RuPay, are few and far between
  • Non-existent civic-sector focused tech-startup ecosystem: Khosla Labs, MIT Media Labs' Kumbhathon, USF (Unitus), Centre for Internet & Society, Deshpande Sandbox, eGovernments Foundation, Janaagraha, IIT Chennai's RTBI are notable ones
  • Individual government departments and NGOs (especially at state-level, during times of disaster / emergencies) look out for guidance / support in their technology needs
  • Many complementary partners / solutions need to be assembled
  • Very few successful (in commercial terms) social enterprises: Babajobs, MapMyIndia, NextDrop, IdeaForge, SocialCops, GoSylvant, EkStep, MapUnity
  • There is a need to inspire, enable and accelerate innovative startups to come up with solutions that address the needs of these sectors

Based out of IIIT Bangalore, our focus is on Research-led Collaborative, Social Innovation. We collaborate with exceptional researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, users, communities to co-create knowledge and solutions - using digital technologies, for a wide range of social needs - at a scale & speed that was unimaginable before the widespread adoption of mobile / Internet.

Such socially-relevant solutions help us, our communities and our governments.

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