I-MACX is a startup platform based out of IIIT-B Innovation Centre. We focus on the intersection of society and technology. We work with exceptional researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs to create extraordinary solutions and ventures. As part of this platform, we offer three areas of expertise to participants.

A Studio that facilitates research-led collaborative, social innovation & entrepreneurship. This is where we build products like Push-D, SmartKavach App, MagicMe and Kollabia.

An investment Fund for innovative & impactful idea-stage startups related to the areas we are focused upon. Previous investments include: nSmiles, Kickstart Cabs, EasyM2M, etc.

And Axle, a thematic product accelerator program for startups in cutting-edge technology such as Mobile Apps, Marketplaces, Data Analytics, Bots, AI and IOT.


We have helped build technology products for the society since 2009. Such products also benefit from the ongoing research activities within IIIT-B, at its different centres (Centre for IT & Society, eHealth Research Centre, Centre for Data Sciences). Recent successful launches include Push-D, a mobile app for mental health; SmartKavach App, a smart watch app for disabled.

Some of our earlier studio product-startups include Kollabia, RedMed, Fields-of-View.

Our curent focus is on Civic-Tech (aka Digital Society) - building socially-relevant ventures & solutions that help us, our communities and our governments.

If you have something great that would benefit our society, we would love to speak with you. Contact the studio team here.


We make angel and seed stage investments in committed people and companies at the intersection of technology and society. We look for companies that fit our "Digital Society" focus and will make our ecosystem stronger.

Typically, our seed investments are in the range of Rs. 25 Lakhs and we are usually among the first to invest. For example, we were one of the earliest investors in RedMed, Chipmonk, EasyM2M. Most recent investments include nSmiles, Kickstart Cabs.

We have made (on an average) one investment every year, in the Digital Society space, over the past 9 years.


Riding on the success of our three accelerator cohorts conducted since 2014 - with focus on Mobile ('14), MarketPlace ('15) and Analytics ('16), we continue to run thematic pre-seed investment programs.

Axle is a 100-day program that helps entrepreneurs build companies in specific areas of focus for I-MACX - mobility, data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, conversational interface. During this program, entrepreneurs have access to relevant industry leaders, I-MACX and IIIT-B teams, to assist with general company-building needs and topics specific to each cohort's theme. Select Axle companies also receive pre-seed financing. The program concludes with a Demo Day showcasing the creations of the startups.

Our fourth edition of the program: Converse - will be launched early Aug 2017. Focusing on conversational software (voice, NLP, ML, sensors, bots) that interacts with users in a way that is increasingly similar to how humans interact with each other - using text and voice, naturally.

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