Created as an outcome of KIG Vision 2020 initiative of Government of Karnataka, I-MACX facilitates collaboration between different stakeholders in order to address the challenges faced by communities & cities, governments & civic organizations.

While government and social sectors could benefit significantly from the adoption of emerging technologies (like IOT, Data Analytics, Mobile Apps, SaaS), these are typically under served.

  • Non-existent civic-sector focused tech-startup ecosystem
  • Very few successful (in commercial terms) technology-based social enterprises & initiatives
  • Government technology initiatives like ePDS, PAN, EHR/EMR standards, Aadhar, UPI, RuPay – are few and far between
  • Individual government departments and NGOs (especially at state-level, during times of disaster / emergencies) look out for guidance / support in their technology needs
  • Many complementary partners / solutions need to be assembled
  • There is a need to inspire, enable and accelerate efforts (both for-profit & not-for-profit initiatives & ventures) to come up with solutions that address the needs of civic & social sectors

I-MACX focuses on accelerating civic excellence through the intelligent use of emerging technologies. I-MACX aspires to create an ecosystem that nurtures socially relevant / civic tech ventures and innovations that:

  • Serve our society and its citizens
  • Re-imagine the ways governments and corporations function
  • Function as extended arm of governments and corporations - thereby making the services available and accessible to citizens

To this end, I-MACX aims to create a "civic solutioning platform" that facilitates collaboration between various industry associations, social / civic organizations, independent experts and offers various programs / mentoring sessions to aspiring entrepreneurs / inspiring ventures to succeed. (click here to understand the taxonomy of Civic Tech)

Focus Areas

Open Governance

Open Data, Digital Procurement, Mobile Apps

Urban Mobility

Emergency Management, GIS, Traffic Patterns

Sustainable Community

Smart Meters, Energy Analytics

Public Health

Open EHR, Affordable Wearables

The I-MACX Studio

The I-MACX Studio helps develop product ideas into innovative solutions that address the business needs of real companies and social organizations. At the Studio, students and aspiring entrepreneurs develop and present new products and services that respond to business challenges and real needs - usually presented as hackathons, business plan competitions, etc..

Organizations that helped our Student-Innovators with Business Challenges to address

The I-MACX Accelerator

A 100-day Civic-Tech Accelerator that helps founders understand & articulate their venture's purpose, understand customers & pain-points and build a credible offering.

Startups also have the option of availing the institute facilities (incl. plug-n-play office space and meeting rooms, labs and library, cafeteria and business services) over an extended period of time (for up to 18 months). More importantly, during this period, the startups can also collaborate with institute faculty / researchers to develop their product, acquire their initial customer(s) and secure their next round of funding.

Selection Criteria

IIITB Innovation Centre incubates ideas / ventures that leverage information technology. In general, the center looks at ideas / ventures that are:

  • Novel: There must be some originality in the proposed idea
  • Non-Trivial: The idea, when executed well, must be able to create an entry barrier for competition
  • Nifty: Within 12-18 months, the idea should be capable of getting translated into a commercial offering and start earning revenue


  • The center also desires that IIIT-B's researchers and students work as interns with the startups. To this end, the idea should be intellectually challenging enough to attract our students and faculty.
  • It is also desired that such interactions between the institute community and the startups would also result in the generation of intellectual property including disclosures, papers, teaching material, case studies, etc.

Consequently, it is essential that for each of the incubating startups, there is at least one IIIT-B faculty who is interested in that startup and signs up as an anchor faculty - helps that startup with access to labs, tools and possibly spend some time at regular intervals guiding the startup in their product development.

Program Timeline

We run the Accelerator program in cohorts with the Spring cohort scheduled between mid-Apr to mid-Aug and the Fall cohort between mid-Oct to mid-Feb.

Program Terms

Please find more details about the Accelerator Documents (detailing terms and conditions) that need to be signed by startups, confirming their participation in the Accelerator Program:

  1. Accelerator MOU
  2. Facilities Agreement


The startups benefit from the following offerings:

Peer-Learning & Mentoring

An Academy where startups connect and collaborate with a panel of mentors, advisors, faculty and researchers

Workspace & Makers' Space

A Plug-n-Play work space and technical infrastructure, including a Makers' Space (Space-M) that helps startups get plugged within the IOT-to-Mobility software / hardware ecosystem and enables them to create their products

Partners & Investors

A Forum (including demo days) where startups pitch their creations to a distinguished audience of investors, business and academic leaders, influencers & press in order to raise funds, explore collaborative opportunities & generate business leads

Trial Deployment & Beta Users

Conduct field-trial of your offerings at our campus - with our students, staff, faculty and peer-startups as your first-users and if all goes well, potentially our institute as your first customer

The I-MACX Summit

The I-MACX Summit is a civic-tech focused event that intends to bring together innovators from government and social organizations along with civic-minded startups, influencers, activists, investors and entrepreneurs. The I-MACX Summit aims to not only bring out the opportunities and the challenges in the civic-tech space, but also showcase the offerings that are being created by civic-tech startups nurtured at our Innovation Centre.

The I-MACX Summit, envisions itself as a thought-leadership forum that would delve into how the various players in the civic-tech ecosystem could potentially transform governance and society, using the emerging technologies (IOT, Data Analytics, Sensors, Mobile, Cloud).


Investors & Sponsors