Converse, an accelerator for idea / early stage companies building voice & bot based products, begins August 18th. I-MACX will be joined by leading players in the ecosystem as mentors that would include - platform vendors, messaging clients, VCs, media companies, related startups (Rytangle, Videoken, Aagnaa) & enterprises - to accelerate the development of your company.

The accelerator program is designed to support idea / early stage companies working at the forefront of voice-controlled conversational software, including applications for emerging platforms such as IBM Watson, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, other native-mobile apps, local Indian languages and enabling software (NLP, Machine Learning) / hardware technologies. It is for creators in the early stages of product development, with either a beta or working prototype of their product.

The program follows our previous cohort formats. The program brings together nine founding teams working on conversational interfaces and chatbots. During the 100-day program that begins Aug 18th and concludes Dec 18th, participating companies will work with I-MACX and leading thinkers on conversational interfaces, verbal computing and AI.

The program will cover various aspects of building your company - by the people who have experience building ventures, platforms, products and tools. The I-MACX team and industry partners will work with you on product, platform integration, data science, branding and fundraising. You will also gain access to our resources at Beta-MACX and receive promotional credits from vendors such as AWS, Digital Ocean, IBM, ESRI, etc.

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