• Mphasis-IIITB CSR Partnership

  • Fidelity-IIITB CSR Partnership

  • IIIT-B partnership with IIMB

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Being a not for profit organisation, IIIT-B Innovation Centre qualifies for receiving CSR contributions under GSR 130(E) schedule VII(ix) of the Company's Act 2013. Hence for corporates, the CSR contributions made to IIIT-B Innovation Centre will be considered as an expenditure under the CSR activities towards technology incubators.

The funds received under IIIT-B Innovation Centre CSR would be utilised towards:
  • Nurturing technology based startups
  • Organising programs for informing and educating innovators & entrepreneurs
  • Supporting new ventures for development and access to latest technologies
  • Skill development programs including hands on technology training

The corpus would be monitored and tracked periodically and updated to the donors on a regular basis. IIIT-B Innovation Centre will ensure the corporates would be appreciated and specially thanked in related events, media etc.

Corporates (whose key objectives under the CSR policy is aligned towards our Innovation Centre's goals) are welcome to reach to us and get more information. Also, if companies are finalising on 2017-18 CSR policy, we would request them to include "Supporting technology incubators towards development of innovation and technology" under its list of objectives.

For more information about the CSR policy, please click here

Please write to for your CSR contirbution.

We gratefully acknowledge CSR support from Mphasis and Fidelity towards the scaling up of operations of KickStart Cabs and nSmiles respectively.