Our Upcoming & Recent Events

Media & Social Innovation, 18th Dec 2018

A Symposium focusing on Media (incl. Games, Social) and Social Innovation

Platform Economy & Social Innovation, 21st Nov 2018

A Symposium focusing on how Platform based Ventures are accelerating Social Innovation

Hackathon for Rural Education, 6th Oct 2018

A Hackathon jointly organized with India Literacy Project

Cognitive Computing & Social Innovation, 27th Sep 2018

A Symposium jointly organized with Mphasis F1 Foundation

AI Innovation Jam, 21-23 Sep 2018

A Conference jointly organized with ACCS Foundation

Global Startup Accelerator, 9th Jun - 9th Aug, 2018

Jointly with Samsung South Korea: Nurturing Early-Stage Startups

Technology & Human Trafficking, 20th Mar 2018

A Symposium jointly organized with CITAPP & Justice&Care

RISE 2018: The IMACX Summit & Open Studio, 16-18 Feb

Enabling Safer Cities

Smogathon 2017

Global Competition for Smog-Fighting Innovations

Khoj 2017

Help Find the Right Connects

IMACX Summit 2017

Research-led Collaborative Social Innovation

E-Governments Foundation Hackathon

Code for Smarter Cities, 2017

IMACX Summit 2016

Reimagining Corporations and Governments

Janaagraha Hackathon

Code for Change

IMACX Summit 2015

Opportunities and Challenges in Civic-Tech Startup Space