Our Experiments: Prosperous Society

The focus of our work is in the area of Prosperous Society - the intersection of Digital Technology and Social Innovation. Specifically, in the areas of:

Nature: Sustainability & Resilience (Adhidaivika):

  • Environment & Natural Resources - Public Good; Outbreaks, Disasters & Emergencies (Natural, Man-made)
  • Prevention, Preparedness, Response & Recovery
  • Emergency Service Workers / First Responders are the key stakeholders
  • Ex: Visualize Vulnerable Areas - During Outbreaks, Disasters

Community: Safety & Justice (Adhibhautika):

  • Law & Order, Citizen Security - Online & Offline
  • Prevention, Protection, Prosecution & Rehabilitation
  • Law Enforcement Workers (Police, Government Officials, Lawyers) are the Key Stakeholders
  • Ex: Map Vulnerable Areas - Missing Children

Individual: Accessibility & Assistive (Adhyatmika):

  • Accessibility & Assistive Solutions for Challenged (incl. Physical, Mental, Senior Citizens)
  • Access, Independence, Livelihood & Inclusion
  • Public Health / Social Workers are the Key Stakeholders
  • Ex: Identify Vulnerable Individuals - Counselling, Health Checks