Our Founders & Experts in Residence (F.IR.E)

We are fortunate to have in our midst extremely accomplished academicians, entrepreneurs, social activities - who are helping address some of the challenges facing our community.

Prof. Sujatha Ramadorai

Founder, Gyanome

Prof. Manish Gupta

Founder, Videoken

Mr. Vikram Sampath

Founder, Archive of Indian Music

Ms. Joyita Ambett

Founder, Waste Management Society

Mr. VS Prakash

Former Special Director, Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre

Mr. Jagadish Patil

Former Head, 108 Emergency Services (GVK-EMRI), Kartanaka & Goa

Ms. Teju

Founder, NSmiles

Mr. Ankit

Founder, Friends for Inclusion

Ms. Supriya

Founder, VisionEmpower

Mr. Ramesh V

Founder, Aagnaa

Mr. Nitin

Founder, Serve Happiness Foundation

Mr. Bharath

Founder, Fields of View

Mr. Harsha

Researcher, Fields of View

Mr. Karthik Kittu

Founder, Culkey

Mr. Satish

Founder, BadgeLabs

Mr. Sobin Thombra

Founder, Hyperreality Technologies

Mr. Gopinath

Founder, IOTRACX

Mr. Dileep

Founder, HealtheLife

Dr. Ashish Agrawal

Founder, NpBridge

Ms. Yamuna Sastry

Founder, CabDost

Mr. Thansen Paandi

Founder, Skillio