IIITB Innovation Centre

A Decade of Sustained Innovation

Since 2009, we collaborate with exceptional researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, users, communities to co-create knowledge and solutions like Kollabia, Kanaja, KenApps, Push-D and VideoKen - using digital technologies, for a wide range of social needs at a scale & speed that was unimaginable before the widespread adoption of mobile / Internet. Such socially-relevant solutions help us, our communities and our governments.

During the last ten years, we have also invested in early stage startups related to areas we are working on. Previous investments include: Chipmonk, EasyM2M, KickStart Cabs and NSmiles.

Details about IIIT-B Innovation Centre are available at the following government websites: Startup India - List of Incubation Centres Supported by DST, DEITY-TIDE, Prime Minister's MyGov Initiative and Department of IT-BT, Karnataka


IIIT-B Startups on ET (2014)

ET Now - The Economic Times featuring IIIT-B's Innovation and Incubation center.

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Ecosystem @ IIITB (2015)

Startup Ecosystem @ IIITB

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Accelerator (2015)

IMACX Axle: A 100-day Accelerator that helps you realize your entrepreneurial ambitions, convert your proof-of-concept to a MVP, acquire your first customer and possibly secure your first round of angel funding.

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Student Entrepreneur (2017)

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Our Board: Directors & Advisors (2019-20)

Prof. Sadagopan

Chairman & Founder-Director, IIIT-B Innovation Centre and Director, IIIT-B

Prof. Kumar K

Director, IIIT-B Innovation Centre and Chairperson, IIMB NSRCEL

Prof. Murali CS

Director, IIIT-B Innovation Centre and Chairman-ECell, SID,IISc

Prof. Srinath Srinivasa

Director, IIIT-B Innovation Centre and Dean-R&D, IIIT-B

Prof. Rajagopalan

Co-Founder & Advisor, IIITB Innovation Centre

Mr. DV Jagadish

Former CEO & Advisor, IIITB Innovation Centre

Mr. Pitchaiah

Advisor, IIITB Innovation Centre & Finance Advisor, IIITB

Mr. Vijay Krishnamurthy

Founder, Xenon Capital Ventures

Prof. Ramesh Sundararaman

CEO & Director, IIITB Innovation Centre