Create Solutions @ IMACX Studios

IMACX Studios is a community for innovators & entrepreneurs. This is where we learn the Art of Work to create the Work of Art. Over the past 5+ years, we have opened our doors to a community of creators and offered them a plug-n-play office place which they could call - Their 2nd Home.

Studios Startups have access to the space Monday through Saturday, 8am to 8pm: to meet, connect with fellow members, work on their creations, and attend to an interesting & well-planned schedule of activities including Samvaad, Satsang and programmed events.

Gaining Access to our Studios implies:

  • Inclusion in one of the most established and connected communities of tech builders in the heart of India's Silicon Valley, Electronics City
  • Support from our Studios staff for facilitation of introductions to IIITB faculty & technology experts
  • Support from our Executive Briefing Centre for facilitation of introductions and meetings with distinguished vistors & mentors, advice and more
  • Access to and Use of other parts of our campus (with requisite approval) - labs & lab equipment, car parking, cafeteria at our campus during our institute's working hours
  • Access to unique, curated program of events and experiences, tailored and provided specifically for the community of innovators & entrepreneurs
  • Option to invite guests and visitors for discussions / demos
  • Lunch, Snacks, coffee, tea & snacks from campus vendors at discounted rates

Gaining Access to our Incubator program implies:

  • Hands-on guidance from IIITB Faculty and Researchers at the different Research Centres of IIITB including - Tech Research Centres: MINRO & Cognitive Computing CoE and Domain Research Centres: EHRC & CITAPP
  • Hands-on guidance from the IMACX team in areas such as purpose, product, technology & open source strategy, 2-sided marketplaces and data science
  • Sessions with experts around various aspects of building your company including user acquisition, PR, customer research, business models and fund raising
  • Talks by technology leaders from corporates
  • Peer Learning & Networking Opportunities
  • Opportunity to do trial deployments at our campus
  • Opportunity to present at a Demo Day at the conclusion of an ongoing Accelerator Program
  • Opportunity to present at our annual "IMACX RISE Summit"

If you have something great in the works, we would love to speak with you. We would like to understand details about - your venture's purpose, the market problem that you are planning to solve, the solution that is being planned for development, the team members working on the solution, the market opportunity for the solution and finally, how we could help you in your journey.

Contact the IMACX team at: F6S (or) email at IMACX Studios.

From a technology / business perspective, our focus is on "Cognitive Computing + Platform Economics" - machine learning, natural language processing, speech & image recognition, human-computer interaction (conversational software that interacts with users in a way that is increasingly similar to how humans interact with each other - using text and voice, naturally). Specifially,

  • Chatbots, Conversational Interfaces & AI
  • Voice based Conversational Software, Applications & Services
  • Augmented Reality, Computer Vision & Camera-First Applications
  • Video, Live Streaming & Interactive Applications
  • Data Storage, Security & Privacy
  • Real-time Task Management Applications
  • Sensor-First Applications
  • Synthetic Reality / Digital Celebrities
  • Platform Economy

Please click here for documents pertaining to Incubator program: Incubator MOU and Facility Access Agreement.

Ventures & Solutions currently being Nurtured at IMACX Studios

REARS with Bionic Yantra

Bringing AI to Support Your Walk

AutoVox with Cogknit Semantics

Applying Machine Learning to Human Learning

Fyllo with AgriHawk Technologies

Where Technology Meets Agriculture

FiboTalk with CubeStack

Interactions Integrated - Live Chat Application for your Business

Stppeify with NewAge Analytics

A Complete Information Management Platform for Schools

Nervio Cloud with Athinio

Enabling Secure Public Cloud Adoption

Raycoms with Silicon Mosaic

State of the Art Opto-Electronic Products

iFIX with StupaIT Solutions

Next Gen Service Management Management

Green Vehicles with GreenDZine Tech

Energy Management

EHR.Network with HealtheLife

Standards-Compliant Cloud EHR Platform

SignL with FriendsforInclusion

Video / Speech to Indian Sign Language

Archive of Indian Music

Discover, Explore & Share the Classical Indian Music You Always Love

Culture360 with CulKey

Connecting You to Your Roots

"LMS for Visually Impaired" with Vision Empower

Making STEM Education Accessible for the Visually Challenged

SocialPrimes with NpBridge

Empowering Social Sector with Information

SunvAI with SunvAI

AI Platform that Connects People with problems to Those who could resolve them

Happy Being with NSmiles

Mental Wellness Assessments & Mobile App

"Real" Estate with HyperReality Labs

House Plan to 3D Visualization

OStor with Ziroh Labs

Privacy Preserving Cloud Storage

AgroBlock with IOTRACX

Smarter Agriculture

VideoKen with Yen4Ken

Video based social learning platform

Please click here for the list of other ventures nurtured till date at our IMACX Studios.