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At IMACX, we nurture Research-led, Collaborative Social Innovations at our Applied Research Centres (listed below). We help translate such innovations into impactful solutions & startups in partnership with different stakeholders.

From a domain / impact perspective, the focus of our work is in the area of Prosperous Society - the intersection of Digital Technology and Social Innovation.

Specifically, in the areas of:

Individual (Adhyatmika): Social Inclusion

  • Access, Independence & Livelihood
  • Social & Government Workers (Health, Education) are the Key Stakeholders

Community (Adhibhautika): Public Safety

  • Prevention, Protection, Prosecution & Recovery
  • Law Enforcement Workers (First Responders, Police) are the Key Stakeholders

Nature (Adhidaivika): Public Good

  • Prevention, Preparedness, Response & Recovery
  • Social & Government Workers (Environment, Natural Resources) are the key stakeholders

Our offerings include:

Contact the IMACX team at: IMACX Innovations.

This year (2019), from a technology / business perspective, our focus is on "Cognitive Computing + Platform Economics" - machine learning, natural language processing, speech & image recognition, human-computer interaction (conversational software that interacts with users in a way that is increasingly similar to how humans interact with each other - using text and voice, naturally). Specifially,

  • Chatbots, Conversational Interfaces & AI
  • Voice based Conversational Software, Applications & Services
  • Augmented Reality, Computer Vision & Camera-First Applications
  • Video, Live Streaming & Interactive Applications
  • Data Storage, Security & Privacy
  • Real-time Task Management Applications
  • Sensor-First Applications
  • Synthetic Reality / Digital Celebrities
  • Platform Economy