Co-create @ I-MACX

At I-MACX Studios, we nurture ventures / solutions that are at prototype / pre-launch stage. It is for creators in the early stages of product development, with either a beta or working prototype of their product. Leading players in the ecosystem - platform vendors, VCs, media companies, startups & enterprises - will join us as mentors to accelerate the development of your creation / company.

At I-MACX Studios, we cover various aspects of building your offering - by the people who have experience building ventures, platforms, products and tools. The I-MACX team and industry partners will work with you on problem / purpose, product, platform integration, data science, branding, revenue and fundraising.

Some of our Recent Productions include HappyBeing with nSmiles, Ayush-EHR with HealtheLife, MagicMe with Aagnaa, SmartKavach with EasyM2M.

This year (2018), our focus is on "Cognitive Computing + Platform Economics" - machine learning, natural language processing, speech & image recognition, human-computer interaction (conversational software that interacts with users in a way that is increasingly similar to how humans interact with each other - using text and voice, naturally).

If you have something great we’d love to speak with you. Contact the I-MACX team at: Contact (or) email us at I-MACX Studios (with details about - your venture's purpose, the market problem that is being solved by your proposed solution, the solution that is being planned for development, the team members working on the solution, the market opportunity for the solution and finally, your expectations from IIIT-B).

The participants of I-MACX Studios benefit from:

    Weekly "Satsang" (Brain Trust) Sessions (scheduled between 10:00-11:30am, every Friday) with focus on:
  • Technology (IOT / Sensors; Mobile Apps & Software Engineering; Analytics, ML & AI; Connectivity - Wireless & Internet)
  • Purpose / Problem (research, articulation, public relations)
  • Process (corporate, business, people)
  • Portfolio (platform, product, design)
  • Partners / GTM (channel - system integrators, marketing & biz svcs)
  • Quarterly Sessions (scheduled between 10:00 - 1:00pm) with focus on:
  • "Innovation Centre Board Meetings" to meet with Board Members scheduled on Mar 9th, Jun 18th, Aug 9th, Dec 18th, 2018
  • "Open Studio" sessions to showcase innovations / creations and seek feedback from industry / social leaders, scheduled on Jan 18th, Apr 9th, Jul 18th, Oct 9th, 2018
  • Annual Sessions (scheduled between 10:00 - 1:00pm) with focus on:
  • "I-MACX RISE / Civic-Tech Summit" inviting thought-leaders in the social / civic entrepreneurship space, Feb 16-18th, 2018
  • "Innovation Centre Shareholders Meeting" to meet with Shareholders, Sep 18th, 2018
  • On-demand Sessions:
  • Consulting sessions with resident mentors (on Product, Design, Revenue)
  • On-demand executive briefings to visiting customers & influencers
  • Business Services offered by our Partners (incl. Office Space, Makers Space, Library, Interns / HR, Promotional Credits from Vendors, Legal / IP / Finance, Regulatory and short-term Courses on Innovation, Product Management, Strategic Thinking, Media & PR, Business, Technology, etc.)
  • Trial deployments:
  • User feedback sessions on campus
  • Alpha Launch on campus
  • Paid Pilots on campus
  • Access to our resources at β-MACX
  • Leaders' Talk
  • Recordings of events on campus

Careers @ I-MACX

We have recently moved to a new recruiting system. We look forward to reviewing your submission.

Where should I look for job opportunities?

You can look for job opportunities and submit your resume at Angel. You can also email your resume with the subject line "I-MACX Careers" to I-MACX Careers.

What format should I submit my resume in?

Preferred format is PDF.

Will I-MACX contact me regarding the status of my application?

Due to the quantity of submissions received, we are not able to offer individual feedback. However, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application.

Can I submit a creative idea and/or business opportunity?

No. please do not send any kind of creative submission to I-MACX, unsolicited.

Internships @ I-MACX

Exciting internship opportunities await college students and recent graduates!

Twelve-week and six-month terms offered year-round in: Software, Hardware, Business Operations, Market Research, Marketing, Technical Writing.

The Interns at I-MACX Studios benefit from the following:
  • Work alongside I-MACX teams and contribute as members of the team
  • Enjoy employee access to company wide events and amenities, such as mentoring sessions, lectures, facilities, and food
  • Actively participate in I-MACX’s social, educational and civic programs
  • Get paid

If you are interested, please email your resume with subject line as "I-MACX Internship" to I-MACX Interships.