Ventures currently Hosted at Studios

SocialPrimes with NpBridge

Empowering Social Sector with Information

Happy Being with NSmiles

Mental Wellness Assessments & Mobile App

VideoKen with Yen4Ken

Video based social learning platform

AutoVox with Cogknit Semantics

Applying Machine Learning to Human Learning

Fyllo with AgriHawk Technologies

Where Technology Meets Agriculture

Nervio Cloud with Athinio

Enabling Secure Public Cloud Adoption

Raycoms with Silicon Mosaic

State of the Art Opto-Electronic Products

iFIX with StupaIT Solutions

Next Gen Service Management Management

Green Vehicles with GreenDZine Tech

Energy Management

FiboTalk with CubeStack

Interactions Integrated - Live Chat Application for your Business

"Real" Estate with HyperReality Labs

House Plan to 3D Visualization

OStor with Ziroh Labs

Privacy Preserving Cloud Storage

AgroBlock with IOTRACX

Smarter Agriculture

SmartEye with City Surveillance

Towards Crime-free Communities

Ventures previously Hosted at Studios (Since Yr. 1999)

Stppeify with NewAge Analytics

A Complete Information Management Platform for Schools

CORDL with RantyaSoft

A Practice Management Solution Designed & Developed by CAs for CAs

PokeYoke with Dewdas Tech

Mobile Apps for Automobile Shopfloor Automation

MorningCart with MorningStar

Empowering Milk & Newspaper Vendors


AI powered Legal Know-how (A Samsung GSAP Startup)

MarketPlace with NayaGaadi

Online Marketplace for New Vehicles

AadharPOS with Srishti

Digital Identity Solutions

Radix Learning

Next Generation Learning & Assessment Company

Epecate with AbSimpl

Enabling Tomorrow's Education, Today

CrewLogic with Mathologic

Innovating for the Railways

MagicMe with Aagnaa

Future of Lifestyle is Here and Now

Ollo with Chipmonk

End-to-End IOT Solutions

MRO with Verisim Tech

Simulation Solutions for Aerospace & Energy Sectors


History of Indian IT

Seeing-Mirrors with SMR

Integrated Driver-Side Assistance

Tratr with EasyM2M

Wearables for first responders

sLED with X-Design

Efficient Street Lights

ClearTranscripts With EduRecords

Digital Transcripts made Secure

Smart-M Technovations

Smart Energy Meters

X-Layer Technologies

Physical World Meets Intelligent Machines

BeSafe with Dataway Solutions

IOT Solutions for Safe Transportation

99doing with IdeaCarve

A Talent Discovery Platform for artists & performers

VisCom with AbSimpl

Real-time P2P Video Communication

KisanSaathi with Tradedoot

A Farmer's Companion

SigmaHealth with Redmed

Non-invasive Medical Diagnostic Solution Provider

Smart Campus with Fields of View

Games and Simulations to understand communities better

Backend Bangalore

Integrating Technology in Development

Hudooku with Aikya Business Solutions

Connect with your Peers


GIS, MIS and Mobile technologies to tackle transportation problems

QSO Tech

Paying attention to details - Mechatronics & Mobile


More Data Science, Less Friction

Suruk with Ideophone

Your Travel Companion

Tutorvista - Pearson

Online Tutoring


CRM for Educational Institutions 2017 Status: Shutdown

Kollabia, A IIIT-B Student Startup

Compose Music Collaboratively 2017 Status: Shutdown


Anti-glare Automobile Headlights 2017 Status: Shutdown


A Platform for Healthcare Professionals 2017 Status: Shutdown

Eurekazing Learning

eLearning Venture focusing high school students 2017 Status: Shutdown