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Our Productions

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(Our Pre-2017 Productions are listed here)

Nervio Cloud with Athinio

Enabling Secure Public Cloud Adoption

XaaSense with IOTRACX

Everything as a Service Cloud

EHR Network with HealtheLife

Standards-compliant EHR Platform

Happy Being with NSmiles

Inspiring Positive Living

CrewLogic with Mathologic

Innovating for the Railways

VideoKen with Yen4Ken

Video based social learning platform

Ostor with Ziroh Labs

Searchable Encryption Technology for the Cloud

MorningCart with MorningStar Retail

Empowering Milk & Newspaper Vendors

Stppeify Bot with NewAge Analytics

New Age Collaboration Solutions for Educational Institutions

Warehouse Routing with GreenDZine Tech

Smart Electric Mobility Solutions

sSwitch with X-Design

Smart Tag, Smart Bulb, Smart Products

sLED with X-Design

Smart Tag, Smart Bulb, Smart Products

RytBot with Rytangle

Voice of the Customer

DazzleMe with Aagnaa

Future of Lifestyle is Here and Now

RedWhy with IdeaCarve

Finishing School for Freshers

PokeYoke with Dewdas Tech

Industrial IOT Solutions

TSR with SMR

Integrated Driver Assistance Systems

Raycoms with Silicon Mosaic Technologies

State of the Art Opto-Electronic Products