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About IIIT-B Innovation Centre

Hosted in Bangalore's Electronics City, IIIT-B Innovation Centre is a hub for ICT4D research, innovation & entrepreneurship. Incorporated in the year 2009 as a section-8 not-for-profit company, the major objectives of this company are:

  • To support and incubate new ventures from those outside IIITB which can realize a synergetic partnership with the institute faculty and students
  • To promote commercialization of IP generated by faculty and students of the Institute - by incubating their ventures
  • To encourage Industry to set up RnD centres in which their staff can work closely with faculty and students of the institute on joint RnD projects

IIIT-B Innovation Centre is one of the STARTUP INCUBATION centres approved by Governments of India and Karnataka. More details are available at the following government websites: Startup India - List of Incubation Centres Supported by DST, DEITY-TIDE, Prime Minister's MyGov Initiative and Department of IT-BT, Karnataka.

Startup India: Recommendation Letter

High-level overview regarding the guidelines that would be used to evaluate application forms is available here.

We do not charge any fees for such evaluation / recommendation, thus far. As part of the evaluation, we request the startups to provide the following documents and a panel of faculty members & experts review and approve / reject their request for Recommendation Letter with their valuable feedback.

Documents to be submitted to IIIT-B for evaluation by Expert Panel

Currently, we evaluate and certify the "innovativeness" of ONLY THOSE startups that had / have been associated with our Innovation Centre's Incubation Programs. Please await IIIT-B Innovation Centre's revised guidelines - Guidelines will be posted by May 2017.