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The I-MACX 'Innovation' Studio

From the time IIIT-B came into existence, around 50+ members of our institute fraternity have turned innovators & entrepreneurs and have successfully launched their own ventures. Some of the notable ventures that have recently made news include: Useready, Fields of View, 47Line, Narmada Prerna Yatra, DataWeave, SBALabs among others.

The I-MACX Studio is an attempt by IIIT-B Innovation Centre to further kindle and nurture the innovative & entrepreneurial spirit within our community and Facilitate Research-led Social Innovation.

At the I-MACX Studio, our main aim is to enable innovators & researchers build socially-relevant solutions & startups, from the ground up. By offering mentoring and financial assistance, The I-MACX Studio helps innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs conduct user research, identify market opportunities, develop and demo prototypes of new products / services that address the business challenges of real companies and social organizations.

Through a combination of enlightening business and technology conversations involving both internal and external guests (entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, investors, lawyers and other leaders), short-term and long-term challenges (hackathons, real-life projects), financial support for student ventures, open innovation programs - on an ongoing basis, we hope to enable the larger community elevate their entre / intre-preneurial contribution.

To become a member of the I-MACX Studio and benefit from the various upcoming activities / sessions, please get in touch with us at or visit us at IIIT-B Innovation Centre.

Recent Innovators

  • Mr. Atul Shukla, Kollabia
  • Mr. Arjun Bharadwaj, Look Around
  • Mr. Lukshya Madan, PalmosCare
  • Mr. Bhargav, Photo Aggregator Platform


At frequent intervals, we will have a lively edition of Enlightening Conversations with prominent thought-leaders at The I-MACX Studio. The guests include entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, artists, VCs, lawyers, spritual thinkers and other leaders who are making a difference to the society through their efforts.


If you are interested in building a useful proof-of-concept that addresses the business challenges / needs of real companies and social organizations - you are not alone. Even in the past, we have had some of your friends & seniors work on interesting solutions, that address the requirements of organizations like EMRI, Akshaya Patra, etc.

As part of I-MACX Studio, we support "select, socially-relevant & innovative tech-ventures" by offering guidance towards:

  • Identifying a worthy idea / challenge to work upon
  • Conduct user research
  • Develop & Demo PoC / Prototypes
  • Provide expert feedback

The I-MACX Challenge Store:

A repository of interesting real-world challenges to explore & address (Note: Restricted Access to owners of / email addresses), in partnership with AnswerCart - QueryHome, an I-MACX accelerator startup.

Government of India - Innovation Challenges:

You might also find some interesting challenges to address here as well.

Civic and Social Organizations that recently helped us with Business Challenges to address


We also conduct civic-tech themed hackathons that bring together innovators from the society to address the major challenges faced by our society, in partnership with leading corporates and / or civic organizations.

Social Innovation Ventures

If you are in your final year and planning to use your internship (final) semester to start your own firm - you are not alone. Even in the past (when it was not considered "normal" to start a venture!!), we have had some of your seniors (Paddy Raghavan, Nitin Tailor, Ajay Venkatesan, Bharath Palavalli, Nitesh Kadiyan ... to name a few) take the entrepreneurial plunge and achieve varying degrees of success.

Not so long ago, our institute supported Mr. Atul Shukla (MTech student) in his innovative, app-based collaborative-music venture - Kollabia. Atul started working on this venture right from this 4th semester and used the internship semester to build the product / firm.

As part of I-MACX Studio, we support monetarily some of our "Social Innovation Ventures" every year. So, if you are in your final year and planning to work on your social innovations full-time (either alone or along with your classmates) - thru I-MACX Studio, we will support "select, socially-relevant & innovative tech-ventures" by offering a stipend of Rs. 10,000 / month for 5 months (Feb thru Jun) to each of the student-innovators involved. Our plan is to support at least 5 "qualified social-innovations" involving up to a maximum of 10-12 student-innovators.

If you are interested and would like yourself / your innovation to be considered, please submit a pitch deck ready (addressing the following questions - what problem are you trying to solve, what innovative solution are you planning to develop and how, why are you and your team well-suited to solve this problem).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at / or meet us at Innovation Centre.

Our Mentors

Prof. Sridhar V

Faculty, I-MACX Studio and Professor, IIIT-B

Mr. Subrahmanyam I

Founder, Social Converence

Prof. Sujit C

Faculty, I-MACX Studio and Professor, IIIT-B

Dr. Sudeendra K

Founder, Prasu Consulting


Mr. HS Ganesh

Founder, RedWhy